Oct 172019

Sirui is launching an Indiegogo campaign for two new compact gimbals: the Sirui Swift M1 and Sirui Swift P1. The Sirui Swift M1 is designed for smartphones only, while the Swift P1 can take smartphones and mirrorless cameras up to 900 grams. Let’s take a closer look at these new stabilizers!


Image credit: Sirui

Sirui Swift M1 Gimbal for Smartphones

The Sirui Swift M1 is a gimbal for smartphones that is lightweight at just 498 grams/1.1 lbs, and that can take a maximum load of 300 grams/0.66 lbs. As a reference, the iPhone 11 Pro Max weight 226 grams. The gimbal folds down in two and has an internal non-removable battery that should last for 6 hours, according to Sirui. There are locking buttons on every axis, so the gimbal won’t move when you transport it.

On the front of the Sirui Swift M1, there is a little OLED display that shows you the mode you are in. Below the screen, there is a control jog and four buttons: functions/menu/record/power. On the back of the gimbal, there is a little trigger button to reset all the axis. On the left side, there is a small dial to adjust the roll axis or change modes.

There’s nothing extraordinary on the hardware side, so what makes this gimbal different?


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