Oct 072019

KIPON announced a new PRO line of adapters for PL and LPL mount lenses and 0.7x speed boosters for selected medium format lenses. The adapters feature precisely manufactured bodies from strong stainless material and the possibility to add shim papers. They will be available for most popular mirrorless mounts  – Sony E, Micro Four Thirds, Nikon Z, EOS R-mount, L-mount, FUJIFILM G-mount, and RED cameras. The adapters are available now.

KIPON PRO cine adapters

The Shanghai-based company KIPON is known mainly for its lens adapters and affordable manual focus lenses. Back in March 2018, we informed you about their Canon-EF to FUJIFILM X-Mount autofocus adapters. Now KIPON releases a new PRO line of adapters. What kind of adapters are these exactly?

KIPON PRO Cine Adapters for PL and LPL Mount Lenses

First group of new PRO cine adapters from KIPON are adapters without an optical element. They are designed for PL and LPL mount cine lenses, so these adapters naturally do not support autofocus or aperture operation. They only support full manual operation.

All PRO adapters are manufactured with high precision using strong stainless material with very good abrasive resistance. KIPON says there will be no tolerance change for lens and body mount side even after years of use. There is also a possibility to add shim papers of various thicknesses to all PRO adapters to ensure precise (back-)focusing.

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