Sep 272019

If you value endgame-performance and money is nothing to worry about, Cooke has everything you need when it comes to cine lenses. At this year’s IBC, the company had two new lenses on display: The Cooke S7/i 16mm T2.0 Full Frame Plus (spherical) prime and the Cooke Anamorphic/i 135mm T2.3 cine prime. High-end glass for the high-end cine market.

Cooke S7/i

The new Cooke S7/i 16mm T2.0 cine prime (spherical). Image Credit: cinema5D

Yeah, I know. I won’t spend a cool $25.000 on a single lens, either. But there is a high-end, money-no-object market in which you just want to get that perfect shot. Check out the shotoncooke.comwebsite for a brief overview of productions shot on Cooke glass. Do you want that Cooke-look? Well, you better get some Cooke glass, then! At this year’s IBC, Cooke introduces two new primes to their lineup.

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