Sep 192019

A few days ago, ARRI announced a new high output directional LED fixture: the ARRI Orbiter. During IBC 2019, we had the chance to take a quick look at this new modular fixture that should come out next year.

ARRI Orbiter – Image credit: cinema5D

ARRI Orbiter – Main Features

The Orbiter is ARRI’s latest modular and directional LED light that was announced a couple of days ago. You can read our full article here for more details about the technical specifications.

In short, here are the main highlights of this new light:

  • Features a six-color light engine for high color rendition and accuracy. It is possible to go from very warm color temperatures of 2000K up to super-cold 20.000K. You can also dim to light from 0 to 100% with no color changes.
  • There is a built-in color sensor for matching ambient light. The light is also weatherproof.
  • Thanks to the Quick Lighting Mount, you can switch the front optic. These lighting modifiers includes an open face modifier, a projection lens, a light dome, and light banks.
  • According to ARRI, the Orbiter is a potent light; its output is superior to a 2K Tungsten Fresnel.
  • 4” full-color display, quick navigation buttons, Also, you can remove the control panel and use it handheld with a 5 or 15 m (16.4 or 49.2 ft) control panel cable.
  • Internal power supply, wireless DMX, and 3-pin XLR battery input.

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