Sep 132019

The Godox AD200 Pro is considered by many to be the best value in photography strobes but Geekoto recently created their own competitor, the GT-200. Is this new strobe a better option? Let’s find out. 


The Geekoto GT-200 is slightly smaller than the AD200 because it doesn’t have a removable flash head. If you don’t need the extra flashheads, you’ll appreciate the extra room in your bag.


The Godox AD200 Pro comes with two flash heads; one speedlight style head and one barebulb style head while the GT-200 comes with a fix speedlight style flash head. The Geekoto comes with a removable handle that makes holding it easier.

Geekoto does sell a larger package that includes a softbox, light stand, grid, gels, and dome for $120 extra. These accessories are quite good and I believe they are worth the extra money. 

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