Aug 262019

Some people start businesses that they can’t get off the ground. Others – like Marc Andre – start hobbies, and turn them into million-dollar ventures. It’s an interesting story for anyone who has a hobby they’re particularly passionate about, and has ever contemplated the possibility of monetizing it.

Now I don’t want to give the wrong impression here. Marc wasn’t the classic hobbyist, like someone collecting numismatic coins or doing deep sea diving in their spare time. He had a hobby for sure, which was photography. But the million-dollar payoff came by applying certain business strategies to that hobby.

The Basic Dilemma: Photography Isn’t Where the Money’s At

Photography is often advanced as an example of a hobby that can be turned into a profitable business. But in reality, that’s a tall order. There are some high-profile photographers who make serious money, but the vast majority earn very little. The technology is more advanced than ever, but the competition is incredibly thick. 

Anyone with a smart phone can take decent quality photos either for themselves or for others. And if you need a hard-to-find photo, there’s always a web platform where you can get it cheap or even free of charge.

Marc never did delve deep into the business of photography. Despite his ultimate million-dollar success, he never considered himself to be more than an amateur. He’s never even sold photos or done professional work for clients. 

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