Feb 152011

HDRtist Pro for the Mac has just been released and the price is great! The introductory price is only $29.99! Oh, and by the way, if you decide to purchase HDRtist Pro, be sure to enter the coupon code “HDR360pro” and you will save 20%! While you are at the Ohanaware website please check out their other fine Ohanaware software products including,“Funtastic Photos”.

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Graphics.com: The shared resource for creative design – HDRtist Pro Provides HDR Photo and Exposure Blending Capabilities

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HDRtist Pro is a streamlined Mac App thats been designed to create and edit HDR or Exposure Blended images. Utilizing Apple technology, HDRtist Pro is able to wield and manipulate 128-Bit floating-point images (that’s 16,843,009 times more precision than a JPEG photo), into beautiful works of art or super-realistic photos. Our engine’s been designed to work with multiple exposures, single RAW images, and can make single JPEG images look like HDR. 1-Click Styles, editable HDRs, straight forward interface and the innovative drop-N-click system are all featured in HDRtist Pro.

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