Apr 242019

Wide-angle anamorphic lenses, and especially 2X ones, are not easy to manufacture and usually comes at a high price. During NAB 2019 we had a chance to talk with Dan Kanes from Atlas Lens Co. about two new exciting products: an Orion 25mm T/2.0 anamorphic lens and an LF Extender.

Atlas Lens Co. Orion 25mm T/2.0

If you are not familiar with Atlas Lens Co., the young American company is specialized in anamorphic lenses. In 2017, they released a 2X anamorphic lens set called Orion. There are six lenses in total; they are all T/2.0 aperture and range from 32mm up to 100mm. However, a wide-angle anamorphic prime was missing, and it looks like the set will soon expand to seven lenses with a new 25mm T/2.0 anamorphic prime.

This new Orion 25mm T/2.0 anamorphic lens is a unique lens. Indeed, the lens features very low distortion, which is familiar with wide-angle anamorphic lenses. The front of the lens is 134mm wide, and the lens mount is interchangeable from PL-Mount to EF-Mount. While it is still a prototype – Atlas Lens Co. built it two weeks before the show – the build quality looks fantastic, like every other Orion lens.

There are not a lot of info around this new lens, we don’t know when it will be available, but expect the price to be around $8000 to $10.000.

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