Apr 222019

World Press Photo just announced the winning photos for the 2019 edition of it’s world’s most prestigious photojournalism contest. Camera metadata shared alongside the top photos is again providing us with an inside look at what gear the world’s top photojournalists are using at the moment.

The Spanish photography site Photolari gathered all the data and published a breakdown of the brands, systems, cameras, and sensor formats used this year.

While Nikon surprisingly took the crown from Canon in 2018 with 52% representation among winning photos compared to Canon’s 30%, Nikon’s time at the top didn’t last long. This year, Canon struck back and was behind 46.4% of the winning photos compared to Nikon’s 36.8%.

While Sony has made huge strides in the camera market over the past year — it became #1 in full-frame cameras in the US last year — its use by the photojournalists in World Press Photo hasn’t changed. Only a single finalist photographer was confirmed to have used a Sony camera (the a7R II) for their work.

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