Apr 152019

Canon is apparently looking into building continuous LED lights into the pop-up flashes on DSLR cameras, something that could come in handy for certain situations when shooting photo or video.

Canon News first reported on the development after it was spotted in a patent (2019-056787) filed by Canon over in Japan. The patent describes a solution for dealing with the heat that’s generated the continuous LED light source in order to prevent it from deteriorating. Here’s an excerpt:

[W]hen using LED which carries out a continuous light as a light source of a lighting system, the measure against the heat which occurs from LED serves as problem. If the measure against heat is not performed sufficiently, LED deteriorates for a short time and there is a possibility that it may become impossible for light volume to be deteriorated or to switch on the light. If it is a lighting system removable to a camera […], in order to radiate heat in the heat which occurs from LED, it is possible to provide a radiation substrate with a large area, but in the type which has a pop-up function, it is difficult to provide a radiation substrate with a large area near the LED.

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