Feb 142019

Today Canon has unveiled their latest addition to their new EOS R lineup of full frame mirrorless cameras: The Canon EOS RP sits below the already available EOS R in regards of both, features and pricing. This aggressive pricing might be a good thing, though: As a bottom line we get plenty of features for less money. Update: There are six new RF lenses in development, too.

Canon’s transition from the legacy EOS D line of DSLRs to the EOS R line of full frame mirrorless cameras seems to be in full swing. Next up: The new EOS RP. It’s not the flagship R camera many of us are eagerly waiting for, though. If the EOS R is the middle class body, the RP is the entry level model.

It’s less expensive and it has fewer features but it is based on the same robust platform. So what is the news with the new Canon EOS RP? Well, in terms of cost-performance ratio it might get the nod instead of its bigger brother, the EOR R (read our coverage here and here plus our full review here).

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