Nov 202018

At Inter BEE 2018 in Tokyo, Roland introduced their new video mixer – the Roland V-02HD – which happens to be the world’s smallest device of its kind. It can mix two HDMI video inputs up to 1080p and embed analog audio to the resulting HDMI output.

Roland V-02HD is new compact video mixer (also called “micro switcher”) primarily designed for smaller events or productions where size plays an important role. It is capable of various tasks and combines more standalone units in one. It can function as:

  • simple switcher
  • scaler
  • input expander
  • audio solution
  • inline video effects compositor

Mixing Two Video Inputs

With this product, Roland is allowing also smaller productions to record or stream output from two cameras. Using a live switcher onsite lets users have an immediate deliverable. The Roland V-02HD takes HDMI output up to 1080p from two cameras and seamlessly switches to a connected recorder or live streaming encoder. The operator can switch between cameras using the dedicated controls on the device. There is also FS-6 foot controler with pedals included, so the person switching the signal can operate one camera at the same time.

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