Nov 202018

The Black Friday craze is already kicking into full gear, and there are more great deals than in any other week. Even now there are some outstanding offerings like Nikon’s full frame D750, the Mavic Pro Fly More Combo, a discounted Sony FS5 and Panasonic EVA-1 and much more. Check it out!

After combing through all the deals our partners B&H and CVP are currently offering, we came up with these 10 items. Our American readers will have the B&H selection to choose from, while CVP might be more interesting to our European readership. Here’s what we found:

B&H: Nikon D750 with Battery Grip, Battery, SD-Card and Shoulder Bag – $600 Discount

With all the mirrorless craziness going on right now, one could easily forget that cameras like the Nikon D750 are still highly dependable and nearly indestructible workhorses for any hybrid shooter. The first of our deals features a full frame 24 MP sensor shooting 6.5 fps with continous autofocus and 1080 60p with good autofocus. The battery grip improves the FPS in photo mode, and the battery pack will keep you shooting for hours. The included shoulder bag provides ample storage space for the body, two lenses and a few accessories.

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