Jan 232018

The RED Hydrogen One smartphone was announced last summer, but details about a release date and more solid specifications are finally emerging thanks to a post by RED Founder and CEO Jim Jannard. The Android-run smartphone will operate with a Snapdragon 835x processor (as what is currently in the Samsung Galaxy S8) and will feature a massive 4,500 mAh battery (125 percent the battery capacity of the similarly sized Galaxy S8+). But there’s much more than just a big battery in RED’s 5.7-inch smartphone.

That massive battery will support all of the content creation for which RED expects its users will be using the phone quite often. With a modular design, the Hydrogen will be able to perform a variety of additional tasks both at launch and in the future with simple add-ons that connect via a Pogo pin system for both power and data delivery and a wide range of flexibility.

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