Jun 282016

We’ve seen DeepMind’s acid trip photo creations and what it looks like when algorithms colorize black and white photos. But you need to be near a computer for the former, and do some pretty heavy lifting, scientifically speaking, to set up the latter. But an iOS app is putting algorithm-based photo tweaks in your pocket. Dubbed Prisma, it takes a different approach than, say, Instagram. The app’s filters are artistic, in the painterly definition of the word.

Either take a new photo from within the app or import a pre-existing one (don’t bother with anything aside from vertical shots) and pick from one of about 20 filters, then export to your social network of choice. Fancy making a pile of coat hangers on your end table look like a pencil sketch? Have at it. Same goes for transforming into a The Scream-like brushstroke patterns. The development team tells TechCrunch that the goal is to add two or more new filters each day, and expects to have 40 within a month.

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