Jun 102016

As a boudoir photographer for over seven years, I am always seeking new ways to keep the artistic appeal to my images. Sometimes we work so hard to create something so epic, that we forget about that simplicity is usually the key to greatness.

Creatively Diving Into The Past

A huge step into the world of color photography was due to the introduction of Kodachrome in 1936. Color correction took a another step in 2008 with the version of CS4 releasing the adjustment panel. Users had an advantage than those before to improve on color in a whole new workflow.

This ability to work color into so many different levels may also have lead to the current desire to jump back to the simplicity of black and white images. Color has somewhat taken away the main foundation of an image. Tone, texture, and contrast are key features that color sometimes overwhelms and takes focus from.

Less Distractions

While color boudoir photography can be sultry and beautiful in its own way, there is just something captivating about the mood of a black and white image. Kara Marie shows a perfect example on how you can take the smaller distractions in the background out of the final image without deleting them entirely. The background is blended into shades of dark but not creating a pure black. The levels of color themselves lend way to creating a few color coordinates in the light and dark areas. This creates depth yet maintaining the eye to be drawn to the subject. The shaded between light and dark in the black areas on skin tone also create excellent highlights and accent strong features.

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