May 162016

If I ever find myself wallowing in a creative rut, I have a few surefire ways out of that hole. My most effective method, although probably not the quickest, is to watch a documentary on another photographer. They need not be similar to your own brand of photography; in fact, I often feel it’s better when they aren’t. Whatever sub-genre of photography the subject does, a documentary is invariably a rich vein of ideas and inspiration.

If you think I’ve missed any out of this list, please leave a comment with your suggestion.

Bill Cunningham New York

Without question one of my favourites, “Bill Cunningham New York” is an insight into the godfather of street fashion photography, a movement that has generated a lot of steam in the last ten years. Bill isn’t just a photographer with many other strings to his bow like most; he is a disciple of photography and an index of street fashion for over five decades. His life has been a mission to record street style and he has reaped the sort of rewards his dedication deserves. Bill is a hero of mine and I implore you to watch this.

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