Apr 182016

There is no shortage of amazing videos on the subject of photography. The field is broad. Every once in a while, however, there is a video that pops up which leaves me with my jaw on the floor. Whether it invokes the magic of inspiration, or opens doors I didn’t even know existed, those sorts of videos stand out as keystones of great, inspirational teaching.

In this post I’m going to point you towards four videos in particular that stand out in my mind as some of the most inspirational content I have ever ingested. Fair warning however, they are not short.

Building a Dramatic Portrait by Joel Grimes

Joel Grimes has a magical way of distilling the breadth of photography into the simplicity of creative passion. This particular talk he did at B&H Photo a few years ago is a great inspiration that not only focuses on Grimes’ particular brand of portraiture but also on the development of the artistic mind. I’ve sent this video, many times, to friends who aren’t even photographers because of how well Grimes empowers creativity.

Stunning Photos of the Endangered Everglades by Mac Stone

I had never heard of Mac Stone until I clicked on a TED talk that had an interesting photo on the cover. Not entirely sure what I was expecting, I quickly became utterly mesmerized by Stone’s amazing passion for storytelling. Any photographer can learn from Stone’s method of drawing his soul into the work. Not only is he creating beautiful work but Stone is tethering that beauty to the heart and soul of his audience in an unforgettable way.


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