Feb 162016

Warning: treacherous waters are ahead. A dark, cold place where only the brave dare to explore. Recent video projects by photographer and cinematographer Sven Dreesbach create a feeling of icy-cold tension, contrasted by a sense of meditative pleasure. It’s a vibe that is best soaked in rather than pontificated upon by some internet writer. Oh, and he did it all on iPhones.

The ocean can seem like both a calming muse and the murky black lair of an unseen leviathan, depending on which video you watch first. What is certain is that you should definitely watch them both.

“I shot two ‘surf videos’ at the same time,” Dreesbach told Fstoppers. “The main project (‘Dark Waves’) was a music video I shot for Robot Koch from the infamous indie label Monkeytown Records in Berlin. The other project (‘This Moment’) is a ‘visual poem’ and has more of a branded content look.”

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