Jan 172016

Of the Oscar nominated films this year I’ve rounded up the best picture and cinematography nominees and dived into the technical department.

The Oscars are closing in again. It’s been a great year.

Always an interesting side note for me are what the most talented directors and DPs in the world are choosing to shoot with!

7 are shot digitally, 1 a mix of digital and film, the remaining 3 shot exclusively on film and quite a mix of film too. One Super 35mm, one Super 16mm and one 65mm! Like Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight (which gets a Cinematography nomination), The Revenant also embraces the larger format but in digital, shooting the new Arri Alexa 65.

The Canon C300 figures zero times (although I expect a lot more documentary and indie stuff to be shot this way) and surprisingly there’s not a single Sony camera on the list not even the F65 which shows how much work they have ahead of them to shake off their video/broadcast DNA and win the trust of leading filmmakers.

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