Jan 122016

With the mass release of VR devices imminent (you can now pre-order your own Oculus), everyone’s hopping on the 360-degree video boat. Kodak, accordingly, is hustling to get its offerings up to spec with a 4k update to its SP360 Action Cam. For $500, it’s pretty good, too.

When it comes to shooting 360 video for VR you have a lot more screen pixels to cover, so the upgrade to 4K is a welcome step up from the previous Kodak model. The old film company has done a good job about making sure that using this thing in the field is as easy as possible, too. The tiny camera comes packed with all the tools you need to create your own 360-degree videos, including various mounts and attachments that allow you to connect your SP360 to any GoPro accessories you may already own. (The SP360 is also the only VR camera that comes with a lens cap, which is a definite plus because the 360 fisheye lens is prone to finger prints.)

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