Oct 232015


-Benz Canada commissioned me in 2014 to shoot photos for the 2014 Sprinter lineup. In addition to those photos, I was also asked to piece together brochure images for the newer and not-yet-released 4×4 Sprinter model. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the Photoshop work that went into the 4×4 images.

The reason I was able to go overboard for this retouching demonstration is because this assignment was crafted exclusively behind-the-computer. There was little to no camera work from my end for these images.

It’s no secret that Photoshop is a big tool in the advertising/automotive world, and tweaking images to give a vehicle the most impact has been used for decades. In this case, a new 4×4 version of the Sprinter was being released, but the actual 4×4 model wasn’t available for photography. Considering small differences like wheels, badging, and ride height were the key differences compared to the 2WD model, retouching was an efficient route for this assignment.

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