Jul 272015

Whether you’re just starting out in product photography and are trying to figure out where is the right direction to head, or have been in the business for a long time and want to hear another professional’s perspective, this interview with Tony Roslund is going be well worth watching. From starting up and getting his first clients, to maintaining relationships with those clients and running a business, to establishing a style and making an impression on potential clients, Roslund’s stories and experiences that he shares are a perfect mix of interesting and informational.

RGG EDU’s Rob Grimm talks at length with Roslund, who recently released “The Complete Guide To Product Photography & Retouching.” Roslund starts by speaking about being a third-generation photographer and how his grandfather and father established themselves in the photography business. This transitions into his own start in product photography and quoting his first big gig, and the mistakes made early on.


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