Jun 172015

Lightroom CC 2015 and Camera Raw 9.1 are available for download now. Bringing in the highly touted dehaze feature along with a grip of other improvements.

Dehaze and local black and white adjustment sliders are now available for Camera Raw 9.1 and Lightroom CC. Be advised that these features are not available in the standalone version of Lightroom 6.1. This feature is one I’m especially excited to try out on my hazy photos from the coast a few weeks back. I have been holding back processing them until this release. Per usual, the list of supported cameras has also grown in this update adding; Fujifilm X-T10, Nikon 1 J5, Nikon D810A, Panasonic DMC-G7, Pentaax K-S2, Pentax K3 II.

Lightroom for iOS just got the ability to now import, and sync your iPhone and iPad created videos from Lightroom on iOS to the web and desktop. Also added to the tools are Vignettes, ability to adjust the color channel and B&W mix, and added tone curve.

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