Jun 162015


I haven’t verified the claims so take this news with a pinch of salt for now, but with or without salt the A7R II is looking very tasty indeed.

According to Faymus Media on the SonyAlphaRumors forum, the A7R II ‘eliminates’ rolling shutter in Super 35mm video mode.

It could be that Sony have engaged a global shutter for full pixel readout which would make a lot of sense considering just how many pixels there are to shift on this beast! Sony refer to an ‘anti-rolling shutter’ feature in the RX10 II press release but I have seen no official mention of it for the A7R II yet. Since they already have S35 sensors on the market with a global shutter readout and the A7R II having arguably the most advanced sensor yet produced by the company, let’s not rule it out.


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