Jun 012015


Just how much can you get out of a small, everyday-looking camera priced under $1,000?

Apparently, a lot.

Many of us already know that Blackmagic Design crafts cameras that produce gorgeous, cinematic footage. The Australian company only recently entered the camera market (in 2012), but among indie filmmakers, documentary producers, and others who have an interest in high quality, low cost videography, Blackmagic is virtually synonymous with Godly.

The latest examples come from a small film called Avengers: Age of Ultron.

In an email today (from the marketing team out of Fremont) Blackmagic says that the 2nd unit extensively used the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera to shoot stunt and battle sequences. Remember, this is a camera that costs under $1,000. Typical ‘A’ cams on bigger productions are almost always shot on, the daddy, the Alexa, and cost north of six figures. Or, in many cases on RED. Here’s a few of the quotes that came along with the news.


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