May 212015


In a dramatic about turn from previous announcements, LG has exclusively revealed to me today that it’s going to add high dynamic range video playback to its current range of OLED TVs.

According to a statement from LG’s Korean headquarters, the ability to handle HDR video with its higher contrast, more richly coloured images will be added to LG’s EG9600/EG960 OLED TVs via a network update. The statement also promises that the firmware update will include the ability to handle HDR both through LG Smart TV partner apps or video streams delivered via other devices through the TV’s IP interface.

LG wouldn’t be drawn on an exact date for when the firmware update might start rolling out to its EG9600/EG960V TVs, only stating that it will ship “once technical specifications for HDR are finalised”.

Prior to this new announcement, we’d been led to believe that we wouldn’t be able to get our hands on an HDR-capable OLED TV from LG until later in the year, following a potential unveiling at the IFA technology show at the end of August.

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