Apr 172015


The catchily named “LG 31MU97-B” is in fact not a submarine but a 10bit IPS 4K DCI display with 99.5″ Adobe RGB colour gamut.

Is this a better option than the 5K iMac display? I think it could be…

The LG 4K DCI display is one of the VERY FEW true cinema 4K monitors out there and a good match to any of the new cameras shooting DCI 4K in 4096 x 2160 resolution, like the GH4, NX1 and 1D C. At 31″ it is also bigger than the 27″ iMac 5K, which helps.

So does the 10,000,000:1 Contrast Ratio, 10bit colour and 5ms Response Time.

It’s not massively cheap but it isn’t expensive for what it is. The suggested retail price is $1399. Street price lower. B&H currently have the display for $1229. I purchased mine in Berlin for 1099 euros inc. tax. That’s not too much more than the 3440 x 1440 21:9 ratio LG 34UM95 (799 euros).

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