Apr 142015


Obviously aerial and gimbal movement is becoming very popular among serious filmmakers and videographers recently, even Arri went into the market of small and lightweight designs with their Arri ALEXA Mini.
The new cameras by Blackmagic are seriously tough competition to any manufacturer producing small cameras for cinematic images. They capture 12-bit RAW inside a tiny form factor.
The Blackmagic Micro Cinema Camera has a super16 sized sensor and has a global shutter that prevents motion artefacts on drones or other fast paced recordings.
The Blackmagic Micro Studio Camera 4K has a rolling shutter but the advantage of recording UltraHD internally.
Both cameras feature an expansion port with numerous connection features that let you remote control the camera via existing ATEM hardware or aerial control hardware. It has a single cable S.Bus and 4 PWM channels.

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