Mar 122015


We share over 1.8 billion photos per day, and thanks to the ever-growing technology in cameras paired with the expansive world of social media platforms it’s become increasingly easy to add the title “photographer” to the resume. Apple has searched high and low for the world’s absolute best photographers and their work that spans the planet. The “Shot on iPhone 6” World Gallery features photos from creatives spanning 70 cities in 24 countries, and brings the mobile photography community front and center proving again that the best camera is the one that’s with you.

Apple has launched a beautiful ad campaign featuring photos captured on the new iPhone 6 looking to highlight the best of the best. Owners of the iPhone had submitted their top shots and Apple selected their favorites to be featured on the website’s front page. The incredible photos were captured from the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, China, New Zealand, and many more countries. Having made a living shooting solely with my iPhone, it’s inspiring and a continued push for me to learn all that I can about simply taking great photos with the tools I am given, rather than relying on gear dictating what I create.


Shot by Gayle T. in Takachiho Gorge, Japan
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