Feb 272015



“We have been trying out the Affinity Photo Beta over the last few days and we are impressed. It looks and feels like Photoshop, but it’s built with new fast code and will be an outright purchase when launched.

There have been possible Photoshop replacements before, the $30 Pixelmator app being one of them. We’ve tried that and it’s pretty good, a clean layout with robust backward compatibility with PSD files. It hasn’t convinced us yet to blow away the Cloud subscription, but if we were forced to use Pixelmator alone for images, it wouldn’t be a problem. Just a case of being very familiar with a piece of software and using it as it’s the path of least resistance.

So we weren’t first out of the blocks to download the Affinity Photo Beta when it was announced. We should have been as we now rather like this direct Photoshop competitor.”

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