Feb 182015


For instance, take a photographer who also writes books, and creates multi-media productions for musicians and their studios.

Does she brand the photography separate from the writing? And then add a third ‘brand’ on top of that for the multimedia? Can you imagine managing that many brands, that much different content for brand reach? It would be a full time job with no time left for actually doing the work.

And doing the work is what we want to focus on, not keeping current with 2 or 3 brands.

The answer may be to simply brand yourself. BEING the brand, and letting the work simply flow from that brand. A “personal” brand that makes what you do, what YOU do.

We all know that lots of photographers are adding capabilities to their arsenal of work. Still shooters adding video is the first one that pops to mind, but also design, writing, producing, teaching, consulting and publishing. Adding a new channel to an established business is not the same thing as adding a new brand. At least I don’t think it should be.

Paul Jarvis is a multi-channel designer. writer, entrepreneur who has settled on one approach to his brand – him. HE is the brand, the work that comes from him is a natural extension of who he is.

His website presents him as the brand, the work as following from.

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