Jan 232015


If you have been in the business for a while as a cameraman already, you might remember a time when there were cameras that you could just pick up for the first time “out of the box” or from the TV station that hired you and you were able to use it “as is”.

Nowadays, the amount of different camera brands and models that we are using as professionals on a daily basis is constantly increasing. The average professional has a number of different cameras he’s working with, or hires them on occasion. There isn’t “one camera for the right job”, there’s loads of different ones for loads of different purposes.
For example, I still use my Canon C300 for many broadcast jobs as it’s an extremely popular camera with a beautiful image. Since it was released, I have also become a big fan of the Sony A7s, an amazingly small full frame camera with the most insane low light capability you have ever seen. I also ordered the Sony FS7, which will be my first permanent foray into 4K filmmaking, and I frequently hire an F55 or Red Epic or Dragon for higher end jobs. And sometimes (rarely though) I am even forced to work with traditional shoulder-mount broadcast cameras like the Sony PXW-800.

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