Jan 142015

Netflix, something of an expert on creating the best possible visual experience in home entertainment, claims that while 4K is definitely valuable, the much bigger impact will come from the use of High Dynamic Range technology (HDR).

Last week’s CES 2015 gave us a ton of news about all sorts of important 4K related technologies. These included quantum dots, OLED (already made famous last year) and of course new ultra HD screens with resolutions even higher than full 4K.

Now however, there’s yet another term to add to the above list for 4K TVs and it’s called High Dynamic Range. Many photographers are already familiar with HDR technology but its importance to the visual display quality of 4K TVs is now also being underscored, especially by companies like Netflix.

HDR is basically a phrase used to describe the technology that creates a strong contrast between the bright parts and the dark parts of an image. The importance of this lies in the fact that higher dynamic range (more contrast) means much more realism in a particular image.

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