Dec 242010

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Everimaging’s HDR Photo Pro is an all-in-one High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographic application designed to helping you rapidly and easily produce great photographic images.

The Challenge:

“It was so much more bright and beautiful, the picture doesn’t do it justice!” – almost any photographer before using HDR Photo Pro. “Amazingly faithful! That’s what I saw and wanted to share with others!” – after using HDR Photo Pro.

Today’s digital cameras do not have the dynamic range of the human eye, and this means that even with the best equipment and technical skills, faithfully capturing images of natural beauty can and will be a challenge. Natural lighting, shadows, and bright elements of a splendid scene will not always be fully recreated, and frustration with your equipment and skills can arise when viewing the images later, and details once seen by the naked eye are completely lost in the shadows or highlights.

The Solution:

HDR Photo Pro, a revolutionary High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging software will solve this challenge, by helping retain extended details that would otherwise be lost back into your image. The method is simple, the photographer takes three or more steady bracketed photos: one normal-exposed, one over-exposed and one under-exposed. HDR Photo Pro will powerfully and systematically combine the tonal information from each exposure, allowing the final image to more closely emulate the full range of details that the human eye can see. The extremely quickly rendered result contains rich details and vivid colors without introducing anomalies such as halos or other blemishes. These are but a few of the strengths of HDR Photo Pro. Let’s tell you about some more!

HDR Photo Pro‘s design — ease of use and a range of workflow methods produces amazing photo-realistic HDR photos at lightning speed.

HDR Photo Pro – All-in-one HDR photography software for ultimate photography experience.