Nov 292013

 New Panorama Prep Batch feature is on the way!

Creating an HDR panorama can be difficult… The big problem is that nearly all HDR software calculates HDR tone mapping by measuring the white point and black point within a set of bracketed set of images. When creating an HDR panorama you will have several bracketed sets and since each set may vary in this regard, the resulting panorama stitch will produce inconsistent results. Now for those of us who create panos, Unified Color is planning to release an update to HDR Expose 3 that will solve this problem. The software will look at an entire folder of bracketed images, find the panoramas and calculate an overall white and black point for each pano as the basis for tone mapping.  Once rendered you stitch the images in Photoshop CC, Autopano Pro, PTGui, etc. Stay tuned for more information about this.

I have had the pleasure of trying this exciting new feature!

It’s Coming Soon as a free upgrade!

Here is a sample:

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