Nov 252010

I have been making panoramas for eighteen years now. The vast majority were made using 6×17 format film. However, in the last several years, I have been working more and more with digital cameras and techniques. Also, I’ve done quite a bit of investigation into digital stitching and in particular, creating high resolution HDR panoramas. Just recently, the missing pieces of the panoramic HDR puzzle have arrived! I will share a few of the details here and in the near future I plan to post some detailed tutorials on this subject.

If you are new to digital stitching and want to create a high quality HDR panorama there are a few things to remember;

First of all, you need to have a panoramic tripod head adjusted so that the “Entrance pupil”, sometimes called the “Nodal point”, becomes the point around which the camera is rotated between shots. Next, I suggest that you shoot in RAW mode. Set your camera on manual everything! This is important because you do not want the focus, exposure, or color balance settings to shift as you make the exposures. Also, use some sort of camera remote cable to avoid vibrations as you make the exposures. Next, activate the auto-bracketing feature on your camera. I like to use “Live-view” to the set my focus, aperture and shutter settings. Before you begin shooting be sure your pano head is level and your focus is set!  Wait a bit for a calm moment, if it’s breezy. Lastly, make your exposure series!

Next time I’ll share a bit about stitching and HDR workflow.

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