Nov 212010

I tried this new beta online HDR processing service and found that it works. It works quite well, in fact! I think that anyone who wants to experiment with HDR, but does not want to spend a big chunk of dough to do so, will find this to be a terrific service. It’s a great way to get your “HDR feet” wet!

Here’s how “YoHDR!” works;

First, you upload your three bracketed exposures. Then you get to preview a “Vivid and a “Natural” variation of the end result. Finally the “YoHDR!” server aligns and renders a final result for you to download. “YoHDR!” is easy as pie! I did notice that the returned file was reduced in size. I think that once “YoHDR!” is out of beta there may be a higher resolution option.

I had great fun trying the service and I’ll bet a lot of people will like YoHDR! Please click the link below for more details.

YoHDR! | Easily Create Great HDR Photos Online