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With more than 26 New and Improved Features,
HDR Expose 2 Streamlines Workflow and Offers Photographers More Control 


Unified Color Technologies, the high dynamic range imaging experts, today announced the availability of HDR Expose 2, the latest evolution of its popular HDR photography software that empowers photographers to create the most true-to-life HDR images possible. With automated, intuitive workflow improvements and new image adjustment tools, all powered by Unified Color’s proprietary 32-bit Beyond RGB™ color technology, HDR Expose 2 provides professional and enthusiast HDR photographers with the most comprehensive 32-bit color editing toolset available.

HDR Expose 2 retains those features that made previous versions of the powerful software the professional’s choice for HDR processing, while expanding its dynamic feature set to include a new real-time processing engine with automatic halo elimination, a 32-bit tone curve familiar to image editors, a color-safe dodge and burn tool, workflow-saving user-definable adjustment presets and a redesigned intelligent batch processing system.

“With our entry-level HDR Express, Photoshop® plug-in 32 Float v2 and the new pro-level HDR Expose 2, we have established a track record for crafting HDR solutions for professionals and enthusiasts looking to create the most true-to-life HDR images possible. More than just another tone mapping utility, HDR Expose 2 is a fully-featured solution that unlocks the full capability of our 32-bit HDR techniques,” said Alfred Zee, CEO of Unified Color Technologies. “With the redesigned workflow, new photographer-focused features and improved processing speeds, HDR Expose 2 will truly help HDR imagers find exciting new uses for their craft.”

Atop its redesigned architecture and expanded tool set, HDR Expose 2 offers entirely new tone mapping algorithms for fine control over global highlight and shadow recovery, and a real-time processing engine to allow image adjustments to be visualized immediately in the main preview pane while the software applies complex halo reduction calculations to the full image in the background, each helping to ensure HDR Expose 2 is as capable as it is fast.

New features which Unified Color has developed for HDR Expose 2 include:
32-bit Contrast Tone Curve: Familiar to most photographers, the tone curve in HDR Expose 2 allows quick selective adjustments to highlights, midtones, and shadows; by separating the brightness data from the color data, the software prevents tell-tale color shifts found in other programs.
Color-Safe Dodge and Burn Brush: Enabling photographers to selectively lighten or darken specific areas without inducing color shifts, gradients or posterization, this tool provides photographers with unprecedented 32-bit local brush controls.
User-Definable Global Presets: provide a one-click starting point and can be completely customized for personal preferences.
Intelligent Batch Merge and Processing System: Automates exposure grouping and can automatically process selections in a single click while applying up to five different presets to each HDR image for up to five different results.
Restructured User Interface: Users are seamlessly guided through the most ideal order of operations that ensures each available adjustment is applied at the ideal step in a methodical workflow.

To take full advantage of HDR Expose 2’s powerful HDR tools in an existing Lightroom® or Aperture® workflow, Unified Color also provides plug-ins to automate the import and export functions from these popular programs.

• $149 standard price
• Free upgrade for users having purchased HDR Expose 1.2 in the last 90 days
• $79 for HDR Expose users who purchased prior to 90 days
• $99 for HDR Express or 32 Float customers
• $129 special introductory price available until January 1st, 2012

System Requirements
PC: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista (for 20 MP image or larger, 64-bit Windows version is recommended.) 2.0GHz dual core minimum, 2GB RAM (recommend 4GB), 128MB video card memory.

Apple: Intel Macintosh 2.0 GHz dual core CPU with 2GB minimum RAM (4GB is recommended) running Mac OS 10.5.8 (Leopard) or Mac OS 10.6.4 (Snow Leopard).

About Unified Color
Unified Color Technologies is redefining the capabilities of visual technology with a unique color system that powers the next-generation of high dynamic range (HDR) imaging devices and software. A significant improvement over current industry standards, Unified Color’s new Beyond RGB™ color model presents a versatile color platform which is able to map a much larger color space encompassing the full human visual spectrum including colors found in nature and man-made light sources. Beyond RGB is available for licensing to digital imaging companies looking for a competitive market advantage. Powered by the Beyond RGB color model, the company’s flagship HDR PhotoStudio has set a new industry standard for creating, depicting and editing the most realistic HDR images.